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11 Nov 2014

Extracting data from one database into another

Method 1


a) dump the database using mysqldump & ftp the file across
b)Here's the simple command to restore the database using the file you dumped in the first step:
mysql -u USER -p DBNAME < dump.sql


Method 2


The way that is described above is indeed a very sloppy way!
If you have access to the other box from that machine (if they're on
the same network/ on the 'net) you can use the following - this
essentially pipes the output from mysqldump directly into the other
database - very handy indeed - instead of just dumping it into a file
and then manually ftp it to the other box the mysql < .... it in.
The first host is where you want to copy FROM and the second is where
its going TO.
mysqldump --opt --compress --user=USERHERE --password=PWHERE

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