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13 Nov 2014


Apart from the start/stop commands the below commands show the different commands that can also be used to start and stop mysql daemon especially if you have encountered the following errors when you were using the 'normal' start/stop commands:


ERROR! MySQL manager or server PID file could not be found!

Starting MySQL.................................. ERROR


1: On the server Search for mysqld_safe 

cd /

find . -name mysqld_safe  -print



(ie found : ./usr/local/mysql_5.0.24/mysql-standard-5.0.24a-freebsd6.0-i386/bin/mysqld_safe )


2: To Start mysql daemon:


cd /usr/local/mysql_5.0.24/mysql-standard-5.0.24a-freebsd6.0-i386/bin

./mysqld_safe --user=mysql &


3: To Stop mysql daemon:

cd /usr/local/mysql_5.0.24/mysql-standard-5.0.24a-freebsd6.0-i386/bin

./mysqladmin -uroot -pXXXX shutdown

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