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13 Nov 2014

‘mysqld got signal 11’


It is not clear what caused this, but this is how it was fixed – eventually!  The main issue that resulted from the failure was that the database would not restart and there were 1000's of relay log files in the $DATADIR


  • Killed all mysql processes and mysqld processes – had to use kill -9 for mysqld process


  • Removed all relay bin logs from $DATADIR


  • Restarted mysql using /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld_safe &


  • Stopped slave


  • Systems team stop mail


  • Recreated slave from master (oook)


  • Connect to database and issue 'flush logs'


  • Set master log file and llog file position


  • Restart slave


Everything should be working now!

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  1. Details of the crash can be found in the error log.
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