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7 Nov 2014

Notes From Percona Live Nov 2014 - MySQL Comes Of Age

TITLE: MySQL Comes Of Age
By:  Robert Hodges

Main Business Requirements In Order:

  1. Automatic Failover
  2. Zero Downtime maintenance
  3. Load Balancing
  4. Performance
  5. Multi Site Operations
  6. Disaster Recovery
MySQL is offering enterprise grade solutions now :  Tungsten, Gallera, MySQL 5.7

MySQL is central to CLOUD offerings:

Data As A Service  -  cloud vendors have realised they have to offer MySQL - google, amazon, openstack (trove)

DR in the cloud - have multi region, and multi vendors.

However, onl6 6% of businesses are using the PUBLIC Cloud.    Option of using OpenStack to build their own PRIVATE Cloud and automation tools like Vagrant and Puppet.

MySQL must share data

MySQL and analytics - tryout amazon Redshift - warehouse in 10 clicks.

MySQL data has to be collected in Hadoop, Vertica etc for analytics.

MySQL Predictions

MySQL is the dbms of the cloud.

All dbms will be hybrids  eg MySQL and Hadoop together to provide all business needs

Security will be the biggest issue going forward.

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