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13 Nov 2014

MySQL Privilege management for Stored Procedures and Functions

Execute permission for a Procedure or Function can be granted to Individually as shown below:


GRANT EXECUTE ON PROCEDURE `eonline`.`sp_getmailjoblist` TO 'eonline_rw'@'%' ;                            

GRANT EXECUTE ON FUNCTION `eonline`.`fn_getmailjobsub` TO 'eonline_rw'@'%' ;     


To Grant execute permission on all Procedures and Functions of a particular database say 'eonline' to a particular user say 'eonline_rw'  in this case, use the following syntax.


GRANT EXECUTE ON `eonline`.* TO 'eonline_rw'@'%' ;


This will grant the permissions for all the procedures and  functions of this database to be executed from any host. To restrict this to a particular host , hostname may be specified in the grant statement.

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