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13 Nov 2014

Setting Up mysql_profile

To make life easier, this profile needs to be created on every MySQL server we log on.


Connect as root and create the following file with correct locations.



cd /


touch /mysql_profile


chmod 600 /mysql_profile


vi /mysql_profile



export ERRORLOG=/local/db/mysql      

export DATADIR=/local/db/mysql      

export MYCNF=/etc


export BACKUPDIR=/var/mysql-backups


# some useful aliases

alias a='tail -500 $ERRORLOG/mk-stxx-1'

alias h='fc -l'

alias j=jobs

alias k='ls -lh'

alias g='egrep -i'

alias l='ls -alhrt'

alias df='df -h'

alias d='ls -lhrt | grep ^d'

alias p='ps -ef'

. /opt/tiscali/snmp/scripts/mysql/mySQL-conf.conf

alias m='mysql -u$user -p$pswd'

alias pass='cat $SCRIPTDIR/mySQL-conf.conf'


# Prompt

PS1=" `hostname` \${PWD} >"

export PS1




Then when logging onto a box, just run this profile and use the settings to get around easily.


sudo bash

. /mysql_profile

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